October 2011

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The number of single-family home building permits issued in 2011 has reversed a five-year trend of fewer such permits being issued each successive year in Steamboat Springs and Routt County.
From January through the first week of October, the Routt County Regional Building Department had issued 33 single-family home building permits. That number equals the total of single-family home permits issued in all of 2010.
“People are pulling the trigger on projects,” said Ted Allen, Routt County’s assistant building official.
A spike in permits this fall led to the trend reversal. Eight single-family home permits were issued in September, and three more were issued the first week of October. Of those 11 permits, 10 were for homes in Routt County, and just one was

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U.S. house prices have plunged by nearly a third since 2006, and homeownership rates are falling at the fastest pace since the Great Depression.

The good news? Two key measures now suggest it's an excellent time to buy a house, either to live in for the long term or for investment income (but not for a quick flip). First, the nation's ratio of house prices to yearly rents is nearly restored to its prebubble average. Second, when mortgage rates are taken into consideration, houses are the most affordable they have been in decades.

Two of the silliest mantras during the real-estate bubble were that a house is the best investment you will ever make and that a renter "throws money down the drain." Whether buying is a better deal than renting isn't a

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A group of Steamboat Springs Realtors are using words like “remarkable” and “extraordinary” to describe a recent string of sales and purchases here. It’s especially noteworthy given today’s real estate market and lending climate.

With one deal dependent on the other, four homes involving five homeowners were bought and sold in a three-day period at the end of September.

“When we first started this thing, I was like, ‘Yeah right,’” Colorado Group Realty broker/owner Ronald Wendler said. “I gave it a 50/50 chance of happening.”

Wendler was involved in the string of purchases along with Jon Wade, also a broker/owner at Colorado Group Realty.

“Today, it’s really difficult to get one thing to happen,” Wade said. “It’s pretty extraordinary.”

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One of Steamboat Springs’ longest-enduring downtown hotels is due for a new brick and stone façade that could earn it a place on the list of contemporary and restored Lincoln Avenue landmarks that honor the past while acknowledging the present.

Built in 1948 and remodeled at least twice since then, the building is up for an administrative approval of a city permit in October that would pave the way for a new look echoing that of The Victoria a couple of doors away.

The Lincoln Avenue elevation drawing reflects a new brick front broken up by vertical bands of sandstone where today a Victorian, blue-clapboard look holds sway. Twin triangular parapets decorated with diamond shapes in contrasting blond brick would replace the existing parapets.


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