July 2013

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Steamboat Springs — Steamboat 700, the 536-acre development parcel rejected for annexation by city voters in March 2010, is back on the market with an asking price of $30 million.

David Baldinger Jr., of Steamboat Village Brokers, has listed the property.

Steamboat 700, which gradually would have added about 2,000 new home sites to the city of Steamboat Springs, originally was purchased in March 2007 by Steamboat 700 LLC, represented by Danny Mulcahy. The development group purchased the original 540 acres for $25 million and placed an additional adjoining 170 acres under contract.

The 540 acres were within the West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan identified as the place for the city to grow under a join agreement between the city of

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I owe more on my mortgage than what my house is worth. And, unfortunately, my loan isn’t owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, and it is an adjustable rate.

What are my options to refinance my loan into a fixed rate loan? Also, I had a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan at one time and I sold the house. Would I be able to get another VA loan? I’ve made all of my payments on time.

If your current lender does not participate in any of the loan modification or refinance programs, you might be out of luck if you need a refinance and you’re underwater.

While you didn’t mention your interest rate, you did indicate that your interest rate is variable. Recently, people with variable rate mortgages have found that they are getting a

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