August 2013

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Steamboat Springs — A down economy and the scale of a project are factors in requests for extended vesting, said Tyler Gibbs, city of Steamboat Springs Planning Department director.

Whatever pressures are most relevant to a given project, a balance must be struck between promoting the success of a proposal and ensuring public safety.

“From the city’s perspective, we’re trying to make sure if something continues out for a number of years — if there’s been some significant change in code — that we still have the opportunity to look at that,” Gibbs said.

The standard vesting period for projects that make their way through the city of Steamboat Springs planning process is three years with an additional two years available through an

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In the “new normal” that is the current housing market,  prices aren’t what they were at their peak, but inventory is at historic lows. Those factors are creating a ‘perfect storm’ of bidding wars between potential buyers.

Here are 10 tips on how to become the most desirable buyer you can be – and create an compelling offer that wins the multiple offer war.

1. Cash is king -  Investors have been snapping up homes to flip or rent, and they usually come to the table with cash. Sellers love all-cash offers because they’re less likely to fall through before the sale closes. Bring as much cash to the table as makes sense for your personal financial situation.

2.  Start 4 months ahead. If you can’t pay cash, you’ll need to get a

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