Steamboat will vote on .25 percent flight tax in August

Posted by Colorado Group Realty on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 9:08am.

City voters will be asked Nov. 1 to consider adding a 0.25 percent sales tax to their shopping bills in order to bolster the ski season airline flight program that delivers some of Steamboat Springs highest-spending tourists and second-home owners to the resort.

The Steamboat Springs City Council voted to put the question of the tax on the fall ballot. It would increase the tax collected on purchases here from 8.4 percent to 8.65 percent. Of the 8.4 percent, 2.9 percent is state sales tax, 1 percent is county tax and 4.5 percent is collected by the city. Of the 4.5 percent for the city, 0.5 percent goes to the Steamboat Springs Education Fund.

The additional sales tax would amount to 10 cents on every $40 spent for consumer goods ranging from bread to automobiles.

If approved, the new tax would be in place for five years. The actual ballot language has not been written.

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